for plants

We design microbes for more sustainable agriculture.


Every teaspoon of soil is home to billions of microbes

By engineering the bacteria that live in soil, we aim to nurture healthy and sustainable communities—from the ground up.

Microbes have evolved alongside plants and help them grow by giving them nutrients and protecting them from pests. We are plant scientists, microbiologists, and synthetic biologists looking to the soil microbiome for solutions for today’s farmers.

Our first challenge:
Reducing the amount of fertilizer

Our goal is to reduce the amount of industrial nitrogen fertilizer needed to grow crops like corn, wheat, or rice, to dramatically decrease the fossil fuel used and greenhouse gases produced by agriculture today.

Reducing the amount of industrial nitrogen fertilizer would:


Cut greenhouse gas emissions

3% of worldwide global greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and use of industrial nitrogen fertilizers


Reduce fossil fuel use

3% of all natural gas used on Earth goes to produce industrial nitrogen fertilizers for agriculture


Reduce water pollution

Today, runoff from excess nitrogen fertilizer has created a “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico the size of New Jersey

About us

We are engineers, plant scientists, microbiologists, and synthetic biologists.

Our work combines the synthetic biology leadership of Ginkgo Bioworks with Bayer’s deep knowledge and experience in crop science and ag biologicals.

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About us